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Glass Replacement - Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee professional quality workmanship. 

We guarantee a full clean up providing there is full internal and external access. 

We guarantee to beat any written quotation by 10%, unless below our minimum charge out of $100.

Customers who mention the website will receive a 30% discount off standard price for glass purchases. Excludes glass scratch removal, insurance customers, & after hour call outs.  Minimum glass replacement of $100 applies.

Glass Revive reserves the right to try and rectify any situations of misunderstanding/workmanship.


I have been told that it is impossible to remove scratches from our glass, and that I should just have it replaced?
We can only speak for ourselves and the service we provide, being that others in the same industry may not produce the same results for you.  We are approached time and time again by the same question and can tell you that Glass Revive we can help you, that this service is possible.  Results speak for themselves. We are 100% positive that you will be amazed with the outcome; 100% sure that by not having to replace your glass you will save a lot of money.

How long does scratch removal process take?
Every pane is variable; a scratch we have found depending on its depth or whether it’s a complete resurface it has taken approximately 1-3 hours (from set up to pack up).
Is it possible to do this outside of office hours?
Yes certainly.  We have completed many jobs before opening hours, or times where the shop is not so busy; we do however require access to a power supply so most times this can be arranged with the shops security officers.


Can my business still operate while restoration takes place?
Yes! There is no downtime; businesses can happily continue operating throughout the entire process as interruption is very minimal. 

Is the process messy?
Absolute care is taken during the process, any glass stock/powder is vacuumed, and glass is fully cleaned at the end of the restoration.


Is the process safe for my customers?
If we are completing a repair where there is a lot of foot traffic public awareness is our number one priority.  Marker cones are erected along with caution tape, our sign is also made visible.

Do you offer a guarantee?
We have recently upgraded and perfected our glass scratch removal system to fully guarantee a 100% no haze, no distortion result. We are able to complete jobs faster and more effective than we have ever done before. We believe Glass Revive to be one of the only scratch removal companies in Melbourne that can offer you this guarantee & can willingly provide it to any Commercial or Residential Client.

Can you remove scratches on curved glass?
Yes.  We have completed successful scratch repairs on automotive windscreens before. Please see our gallery for before and after photos. Website or facebook. (Dukes Body Works, Victoria)


What does scratch/water stain removal cost?
It is difficult is most cases to judge what a repair is likely to cost.  We are usually able to give an estimate over the phone, however exact quotations are given by seeing the actual job intended.  For example if it’s a residential house that several windows have been damaged we will visit the site and have the site manager or owner present so that each window or scratch is noted.  This way we are all on the same page and saves us having to revisit the site should various ones be missed.

How deep of a scratch can you remove?
We have not yet come across a scratch that was too deep to remove; sometimes however a ‘chip’ in the glass can be mistaken for a scratch which we will recommend replacement. Deep scratches, .004" - .010, are regularly removed.


Can you remove scratches from Mirrors?
Yes.  We have completed many jobs particularly for shopping centres (Bayside, Centro, DFO and more... requiring scratch removal).  Before and after pictures are available on our website or facebook.


Do you provide Anti Graffiti Film?
Yes. In most cases it has been provided to all shopping centre bathroom mirrors.  Usually in a shop front it is cheaper to have us complete our restoration process than to have film placed or re-applied.  We can do this on the same piece of glass 30+ times over.


What types of glass do you restore?
Annealed, Tempered (Safety), Laminated, Dual pane, Single pane. All types of glass except heated e.g. an oven door.  In some cases you will tell you that it will be cheaper to replace.

Can you restore tempered glass?
Yes. The only difference between tempered and traditional glass is that it has been heat treated for strength and safety (it breaks into small pieces). Glass Revive is used extensively on tempered glass in storefronts, home windows and doors and the results are the same as with traditional glass.

Can you remove scratches from construction, like Render/Cement damage?
Render or cement damage is one of the most common problems encountered by our users in the field. We have builders that are ecstatic to spend a fraction of what they used to spend to replace damaged glass on a repair.

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